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The oscoxaeis composedof the ilium, the pubis,andthe ischium,includingthe ischial spineand the ischialtuberosity b. Greaterand lessersciaticnotches(foramina) c. Sacrospinous and sacrotuberousligaments 2. Pelviccavity a. Pelvismajor (falsepelvis)lies abovethe pelvicbrim betweenthe iliac fossae. Oinkal GOrrelab b. Pelvisminor (true pelvis) is th€ spac€betweenthe pelvic inlet (pelvic brim) and the ouuet. ;"rnesplne isan "* of theischium obstetric landmark inthe administration of anesthesia for a pudendal nerveblockto eliminate sensation inthe B.

C. The ischial tuberosity is the site of origin of the hamstring muscles. d. The greater and lessertrochanters of the femur and the intertrochanteric line are sites of muscleand ligamentousattachments. e. The linea asperaof the femur is the site of insertion for the adductor muscles. f. The adductor tubercle of the femur is the site of insertion for the ischiocondylar portion of the adductor magnus. 2. Anterior thigh muscles. The anterior compartment of the thigh contains postaxial muscles,which are supplied by the femoral nerve: a.

Because theveinshaveno infections valves, extracranial area a triangular arising within ofthe bounded bythebridge andtheangles ofthe nose, mouthmaymove the intracranially to reach Thisareais cavernous sinus. " D. It terminatesby joining the anterior branch of the retromandibular vein to form the common facial vein. 55 Musculoskeletal System, Connective Tissue, andlntegument NECK A. Sagittal section of the head and neck. Note Movement attheatlantojointcauses occipital flexion andextension, or nodding of "yes").

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