A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison

By Tracy Madison

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Lovely. “A pendulum. ” His tone, crisp and to the point, stabilized my suddenly out-of-control libido. Obviously, he was a nonbeliever. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. And oddly disappointed. ” Scrunching his eyebrows together, as if my question was ridiculous, he leaned forward. Now I really couldn’t breathe. “She’s a good assistant. She seems to like pendulums. ” Was I trying to drive customers away now? I needed to chill out. Immediately. ” I led him on shaky legs to the display case that held our array of pendulums, wondering if my reaction was based solely on his outrageous amount of sex appeal, or if the tuna I’d eaten for lunch took part of the blame.

He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out his sunglasses. ” “Of the wedding. Small? ” I patted his knee. ” “Um. Small. ” Deciding that was enough for now, I went back to staring at the pavement. A small wedding would be good. Perfect, really. My guest list consisted of maybe twelve people. If my sister Sheridan flew in from Seattle, I’d have a baker’s dozen. Ha. Chances of that were slim to none. My baby sister and I hadn’t been close for years. A decade or more, really. After our parents died, we’d moved in with my dad’s sister.

I pushed out a shallow breath, trying to alleviate the suffocating pressure. It didn’t work. What she said had hit a nerve. I had a choice here: tell them this part of the truth, like they thought they wanted, and open the wound that had only begun to close, or continue the charade. “Nothing is going on,” I said, choosing the charade. ” Liz inhaled a breath, and a tiny grin appeared. ” Okay, this was not a development I’d expected. ” I asked, barely daring to hope. “The cake, Chloe. I was somehow…compelled…to do what you wanted, to cast that wish.

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