A Multitude Of Monsters (The Exploits of Ebenezum, Bk. 2) by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

"A enjoyable romp. the sphere wishes extra humorists of this caliber." (Robert Asprin)

whereas looking a remedy for his illness of magicks, the soreness sorcerer Ebenezum and his hapless apprentice are rudely interrupted through militant monsters with a reason.

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Why, friend Hendrek, ‘tis nothing more here than a simple difference of opinion, a discussion of definitions, if you will. ” Snarks patted Head-basher gently. “Doom,” Hendrek replied somewhat more gently. “We must repair to Vushta with all speed. ” Ebenezum called to us from some distance away. “The warrior is right. I, too, discerned the deception on the part of the Netherhells, but was unfortunately too incapacitated to act. Whatever the reason for the multiplication spell, it bodes ill. Quickly Wuntvor, you must tell us.

You misunderstand me! ” “Foul fiend—,” Hendrek began to bellow, but then he hesitated. “Yes, you do often arrive just before a battle. ” Brax’s smile grew even broader. “Simply good business practices, friend Hendrek. We have to make sure you remain alive until we see sufficient return on our investment. ” Hendrek cried, Headbasher once again flying through the air. ” “Oh come now. ” Brax waved its cigar at Snarks. “What say, as the first payment, you eliminate a certain green and sickly fellow in a hood?

Yeah, yeah,” another, grating voice answered. ” The dust was clearing now. I could discern the form of Snarks, trying to shake even more dirt from his robes. ” Hendrek, spying my master, hastily replaced Headbasher in its protective sack. ” He glowered at Snarks. The demon retreated behind his voluminous robes. ” Snarks replied. “Doom,” Hendrek murmured softly. He turned to the wizard and myself. “Thank the gods we have found you. Apparently, the plans of the Netherhells are even more nefarious than we imagined.

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