Acoustic Pressure Distributions, Chiefly in Reservoirs and by Barus C.

By Barus C.

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Mortality consequences are not estimated and would increase the totals appreciably (Burtraw et al. 1997: 1–40). Further damages result from hazardous VOC hydrocarbons, such as benzene and other smog components with particulate matter that can carry cancer-inducing substances deep into the lungs. Smog also affects visibility in many urban areas, a problem that many residents are willing to pay to reduce (Thayer 1998: all pages referenced). 10 Source: Adapted from Tolley (1993: 14). 1 billion. 18 The political economy of the market design and hence ambient concentrations of pollutants.

Under the revised, eight-hour standard of 85 ppb now being implemented, close to 150 million people live in communities where ambient air quality exceeds that level on an episodic basis (US EPA 2003: 1). In the Chicago region over 8 million people are exposed to episodic ozone concentrations above that level. Obtaining monetary estimates of the damages to health caused by ozone would provide an important part of a benefit–cost analysis. Such estimates are as yet uncertain and the likelihood of their being underestimated has led legislators in the past to prohibit using such estimates in devising regulatory measures.

The agency has stated, “Further VOM reductions will be needed to meet the new standard, and the ERMS program is expected to have a role in obtaining those reductions” (IEPA 2003: 2). VOM stands for volatile organic material, which is equivalent to VOC, and ERMS stands for the Emissions Reduction Market System. Thus, an opportunity has been created to redesign the market in ways more compatible with traditional regulations and more consistent with the new air quality goals. 3 that specifies the eight-hour ozone levels not to be exceeded and the new attainment dates required for state implementation.

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