Acoustic Pressure Promoted by Cooperating Quill Tubes by Barus C.

By Barus C.

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28) This systematic approach of the error estimation has beer1applied for both silicon and metallic specimens. The relative errors of the fiquency n~c;~s~wxm~t xc given by Eq. 29) and are more or less the same for silicon and metallic samples. 7. 8. 03 ( i -3 7, 8, 9, 10) ---... 8 _--.. _.. _.. --_ Total relative error fat. _ -- influences only one mode, whose frequency is mainly dominated by G,,. 8 should be interpreted as upper limits of the errors. As the results for the silicon specimens show, the errors are usl-tally far less important.

10. The general idea o-f these lysecl. The experimental setup is shown in FI,. measurements is to analyse the amplitude spectrum of each signal, the signal -from the function generator, the signal after the amplifier and the signal from the laser demodulator. By comparing these signals to one another, deductions can be made concerning the linearity of the system ancl the possible sources o-fnon-linearity. To do so a vesy high resolution is needed to detect even weak signals (~IV range). The 8-bit resolution o-f the oscilloscope used was insufficient -for these purposes.

1 Ream bending The vibrations can be describecl by the simple Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, which is valid under the following assumptions: 0 Cross sections of the beam remain plane and perpendicular to the axis of the beam. 0 Rotational inertia is negligible. * The area moment of inertia 1 remains constant over the beam length. * Cross sectional dimensions are small as con~parcclto the length o-f the beam. * Displacements and slopes are considered to be small. 3) Eel. 3) is valid for bencling vibrations with displacements in both x2 and xj direction.

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