Aethro-kinematics by Steven Rado

By Steven Rado

Aethro-Kinematics is another thought for resolving the perplexities of contemporary mathematical physics and cosmology. The reinstatement of logic and classical common sense. the easy physics of the 3rd millennium. A dissident replacement to modern theoretical physics. logic physics for resolving glossy mathematical paradoxes.

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Why does centrifugal force appear when a body rotates? "The Austrian philosopher, Ernst Mach suggested that there is a hitherto unrecognized interaction between a moving body and all the other matter in the Universe. “This interaction depends on the acceleration of the body relative to the distant matter. Can we adopt the underlying philosophy of relativity and describe the situation from the point of view of an observer sitting on the body and moving with it? "If a spaceship begins to accelerate in a forward direction the crew-men feel an inertial pressure impelling them to the rear.

Based on Wien's empirical law of displacement, the task of theoretical physics was to derive a mathematical formula from the above theories, which would result in the same distribution curves as those plotted from the experimental facts. Although the displacement law merely represented a simple inverse proportionality between temperature and the maximum energy wavelength, there was no sensible conceptual explanation for such distribution of radiation and all attempts of deriving the right formula from classical physics failed.

ROTATION This time imagine that the room of the inside observer is rotating relative to the inertial coordinate system of the outside observer. What will be the conclusions of the two observers? “The outside observer: 'Your coordinate system is in rotation and therefore it is in absolute motion. The classical principle of relativity is not valid in your coordinate system, because all bodies in it have the tendency to move away from the center of the room, eventually all hitting the walls. From this phenomenon you can conclude that your system is in absolute rotation.

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