Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day (2nd Edition) by LearningExpress Editors

By LearningExpress Editors

For brand spanking new algebra scholars or these looking a refresher, this booklet deals a sequence of easy 20-step lesson plans that emphasize fast studying of functional, crucial talents. This up-to-date version eschews pointless jargon and will get down to the necessities:
• insurance of all important algebra abilities, from combining like phrases to fixing quadratic equations
• enormous quantities of perform routines, together with notice difficulties
• An emphasis at the applicability of algebra abilities to real-world (and real-work) difficulties
• Bonus sections, together with guidance for getting ready for standardized checks

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25. Suppose you just deposited $500 into a bank account that has earned 5% interest on the amount you initially invested. If the new balance is $1,760, what was your initial investment? Solving Equations That Have a Fraction in Front of the Variable How do you eliminate the number in front of the variable (coefficient) when it is a fraction? There are many approaches you could use to solve an equation with a fraction for a coefficient, but let’s use the shortest method. The shortest method is to multiply both sides of the equation by something called the multiplicative inverse of the coefficient.

X + 17 = 11 ______25. 16x = 48 ______35. –ᎏ6ᎏ = –5 ______26. x – –12 = –3 ______36. –x – 11 = 18 ______27. x + 23 = 5 ______37. 5x = ᎏ2ᎏ x ______28. ᎏ1ᎏ4 = 3 ______38. –8x = 6 ______29. x + 4 = –10 ______39. 7 ______30. x + 100 = 25 ______40. 3x = –12 1 s 1 Setting Up Equations for Word Problems Equations can be used to solve real-life problems. In an equation, the variable often represents the answer to a reallife problem. For example, suppose you know that you can earn twice as much money this summer as you did last summer.

Don’t change the variable. 2+3+7 = 12x Example: 4xy + 3xy Add the numbers in front of the variables. Don’t change the variables. 4+3 = 7xy Example: 2x2y – 5x2y Subtract the numbers in front of the variables. Don’t change the variables. ) Add the like terms. 4x + 2y + 9 + 6x + 2 = 10x + 2y + 11 Practice Simplify the expressions by combining like terms. ______ 1. 2x + 4x + 11x ______ 6. 9x – 2y – 5y + 2 – 4x ______ 2. 6x + 3y + 4y + 7x ______ 7. 12x + 12y + 5 ______ 3. 6x + 5 + 9x ______ 8. 5x2 + 7x + 5 + 3x2 – 2x + 4 ______ 4.

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