Algorithmic Trends in Computational Fluid Dynamics by Joseph L. Steger (auth.), M. Y. Hussaini, A. Kumar, M. D.

By Joseph L. Steger (auth.), M. Y. Hussaini, A. Kumar, M. D. Salas (eds.)

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The more sophisticated and efficient algorithms, those using block tridiagonal implicit procedures, will be more difficult or impossible to adapt. It will appear at first as a major step forward in hardware, a shift backwards in CFD software, and probably a net increase in computer resources. With time new algorithms that never could have been conceived of for use on serial computers will then hopefully evolve for the efficient use of massively parallel computer hardware. The major difficulties will be partitioning the computational problem to the multitude of processors, mapping both the grid and the algorithm to the processors with the goal of minimizing interprocessor communication.

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