Amateur Telescope Making (1998)(en)(259s) by Peter L. Manly

By Peter L. Manly

Many novice astronomers make their very own tools, both as a result of monetary concerns or simply because they're simply . novice Telescope Making deals various designs for telescopes, mounts and drives that are appropriate for the home-constructor. The designs variety from basic to complex, yet all are in the diversity of a reasonably well-equipped domestic workshop. The publication not just tells the reader what he can build, but in addition what it's brilliant to build given what time is obtainable commercially. hence every one bankruptcy starts off with purposes for project the venture, then appears at theoretical attention earlier than completing with functional directions and recommendation. a sign is given as to the abilities required for some of the tasks. Appendices record respected resources of (mail order) fabrics and parts. The telescopes and mounts diversity from "shoestring" (very reasonable) tools to expert units which are unavailable commercially.

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125 in (3 mm) thick aluminium tubes are probably overkill. Thinner tubing would suffice and without much doubt eliminate the need for counterbalancing. Rather than two knobs, one knob per lower spar tube is likely to be sufficient to firmly lock each tube into the mirror box. All things considered, the project is a success. 00. 00 could have been saved from the project. In addition to owning a real-time window to the deep sky, the project generated a feeling of accomplishment. There is also a sense of satisfaction from using simple tools and economical materials to make an instrument capable of viewing reaches of the universe as they appeared millions of years ago.

125 in Foam for rocker box, bottom board and oversized 21 in bearings. 00 Stephen Tonkin This telescope is typical of many shoestring projects in that the inspiration comes from the serendipitous discovery of an important component; in this instance it is the objective lens. This initial discovery inspires creativity in the adaptation of everyday materials, and so the telescope develops. A star-party report in the News and Notes of the astronomical society to which I belong made reference to a telescope that appeared to be constructed from "an old aero lens and plumbing bits".

A piece of FRP covers the bottom of the rocker assembly. This in turn sits on the ground board, held by a through-bolt. 5 in (38 mm) thick foam surrounded by a pine frame of equal height. Three hard rubber furniture castors are mounted on the points beneath the board. The rocker assembly pivots on three equally spaced pieces of Teflon attached to the ground board. Counterbalancing After construction, the scope seemed to be too wobbly, and vibrations were slow to dampen. The focuser side of the scope weighed at least 13 lb (6 kg) more than the opposite side.

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