America's Engineered Decline by William Norman Grigg

By William Norman Grigg

Is America's center classification Doomed? for hundreds of years, America's thriving center type used to be the basis of our liberties and the envy of the realm. yet now increasingly more debt-ridden americans locate themselves becoming a member of the "race to the bottom". around the kingdom, groups are reeling as production and hi-tech jobs are "outsourced" overseas. or even as our kingdom exports jobs that when opened the door to the center classification, we're uploading waves of unskilled immigrants, together with thousands of illegals. now not America's protector, our political elite schemes to merge our nation right into a continent-spanning socialist mega-state modeled after the eu Union. In America's Engineered Decline, investigative journalist William Norman Grigg finds the typical threads binding those advancements jointly right into a progressive time table. yet, as Grigg issues out, that subversive schedule might be defeated - if adequate americans will take part equipped, principled motion.

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P. S. " Unfortunately, Briggs' attempt at conciliation also included supporting a congressional measure promoting "a uniform national emissions standard set by EPA. "8 Rather than solving the company's problem in California, this measure would simply spread the misery nationwide — and set the stage for future regulatory impositions that would drive even more companies to "outsource" the work abroad. S. Senate committee to block implementation of the California air quality rule. ), a proponent of the proposed rule, denounced Briggs for its "unsavory" tactics: "They are either not telling the truth [in their SEC filing] ...

15 to 1, would hand down a decision favoring European interests. As we will see, from the beginning the WTO — like its predecessor, the abortive International Trade Organization — was designed to put America at a disadvantage vis-a-vis the rest of the world. What is particularly striking about the tariff dispute is how little it had to do with free trade — which consists of mutually beneficial exchanges between buyers and sellers unimpeded by government. S. approved creation of the Caught in the WTO Web 49 WTO in 1994, its supporters described the body as a necessary measure to lower tariff barriers worldwide.

At issue was the financial health of the company's American workers, not the company itself. "Can Briggs & Stratton live with California's proposed regulation? ). " "We never said that we would lose money, and we never said that in our filing with the SEC," explained Briggs vice president Savage. "What we said ... "11 Banishing Businesses 27 This episode offers a revealing glimpse of the process that has led many American companies to "outsource" their production abroad. Too often, news coverage of such corporate decisions is designed to portray corporate leaders as greedy, unpatriotic opportunists who are clinically indifferent regarding the welfare of their employees.

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