Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media by Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait

By Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait (Auth.)

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2. 3. 3 can be used to deduce the characteristics of such antennas in the presence of a concentric dielectric region, but for finite antennas, it is more convenient to express the field in terms of spherical wave functions. 4). The impedance characteristics of dielectrically loaded electrically small antennas will also be calculated by making use of similar assumptions about antenna current distributions. Concentric dielectric regions can also be treated with finite biconically shaped antennas.

The cj) symmetrical magnetic fields of the coaxial line are expressed as [Marcuvitz, 1951] H*(p9z) = / ( e ' ^ - / ? 0 e - ' ^ ) + J) AnRn(p) exp (ynZ) (3. 30) Where k( = w^oe,) 1 ' 2 , yn = i(k\-kl)m, Rey„ s= 0, and R is the reflection coefficient of the principal (TEM) mode. 31) where Jm(x) is the Bessel function of the first kind and Ym(x) is the Bessel function of second kind of order m. 32) and the normalizing factor Nn is defined by i V n " ' ^ 1 ^ ,? 30) as i(oeEp(p,z) = —//*(p,z). 34) The amplitudes An are related to the aperture field E p (p, 0) = Ep(p).

30). ) = A^ ^2 2 2 / ( A ) = 4A 2 ■>r. 36) 2 n ( / t + l ) Pn(cosO 1 «(/I+1)(2/I+1)(2. 37) ANGLE A = (7T/2 - 0,) - DEGREES FIG. 1. Parameters for determining loop characteristics. and where n may assume only values of odd positive integers. Plots of 5, (0,) and S3 (6X) are shown in Fig. 1. The length of wire in this coil is / = 2A#/tana:. 26) as P = j£ = \(k2aycl{e1). 27) as •= — = 5 RL CitanSj C2(0X). 40) 52 A N T E N N A S IN INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA Ch. 4 This ratio is approximately equal to antenna efficiency, provided Rr < RL.

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