Anti-Veiling Campaigns in the Muslim World: Gender, by Stephanie Cronin

By Stephanie Cronin

In fresh years sour controversies have erupted throughout Europe and the center East approximately women’s veiling, and particularly their donning of the face-veil or niqab. but the deeper concerns contained inside of those controversies – secularism as opposed to spiritual trust, person freedom as opposed to social or relations coercion, identification as opposed to integration – are usually not new yet are strikingly prefigured by way of previous conflicts. This ebook examines the state-sponsored anti-veiling campaigns which swept throughout large swathes of the Muslim global within the interwar interval, particularly in Turkey and the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan and the Soviet republics of the Caucasus and relevant Asia. It exhibits how veiling was once formally discouraged and ridiculed as backward and, even though it used to be hardly ever banned, veiling was once politicized and changed into a rallying-point for a much wider competition. Asking a few questions about this previous anti-veiling discourse and the rules flowing from it, and the reactions which it provoked, the publication illuminates and contextualizes modern debates approximately gender, Islam and modernism.

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Nonetheless, the unprecedented audibility of women’s voices transformed women from merely objects of modernist reform agendas into active participants, and announced the arrival of the wearing or discarding of the veil as an issue of female agency. In Muslim societies of the late nineteenth century, forms of hijab, or modest dress, certainly varied, from country to country, class to class and context to context. The modernist preoccupation centred, however, on the form of dress worn by urban women with some social status, almost invariably consisting of voluminous body and head coverings, and some form of face-veil.

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