Anyone Can Do It: Empowerment, Tradition and the Punk by Pete Dale

By Pete Dale

For greater than 3 many years, a punk underground has time and again insisted that 'anyone can do it'. This underground punk move has developed through numerous micro-traditions, every one providing precise and novel shows of what punk is, is not, or will be. Underlying these types of punk micro-traditions is a politics of empowerment that says to be anarchistic in personality, within the feel that it really is contingent upon a spontaneous will to liberty (anyone can do it - in theory). How legitimate, even though, is punk's religion in anarchistic empowerment? Exploring theories from Derrida and Marx, "Anyone Can Do It: Empowerment, culture and the Punk Underground" examines the cultural background and politics of punk. In its political resistance, punk bears an ideological courting to the folks move, yet punk's religion in novelty and spontaneous liberty distinguish it from folks: the place punk's traditions, from the Nineteen Seventies onwards, have tended to go looking for an anarchistic 'new-sense', people singers have extra frequently been socialist/Marxist traditionalists, specifically through the Nineteen Fifties and 60s. exact case reviews express the continuities and modifications among 4 micro-traditions of punk: anarcho-punk, cutie/'C86', rebel grrrl and math rock, hence surveying united kingdom and US punk-related scenes of the Nineteen Eighties, Nineties and past.

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Certainly there are many within the scene who ‘just like the records’ (and these, we should note, are probably as likely as mainstream fans are to complain ‘that’s not punk’ with regard to musical style). Yet a large constituency within the punk underground considers there to be certain fundamental operational principles at stake; indeed, the majority probably consider this underground punk to be about something more than music, I suggest. It is this constituency, in whose eyes punk is supposed to have a political and perhaps even ideological character, which I intend to identify as ‘underground’ for the purposes of this book.

It is worth exploring this supposed similarity in order to perhaps ascertain a clearer picture of how punk’s traditions compare to a more obviously traditional music, especially in political terms. Chapter 2 The Folk ‘Us’ Structurally, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between some punk music and folk music – three chords, verse and chorus. But punk music is performanceoriented and does not lend itself to any sort of significant interaction, whereas folk/country can be taken outside the performance and into an exchange.

1 The year is 1994 and the writer, a notable figure in the US underground music scene of the day, is watching punk begin again, not in style, it seems, but in ‘substance’. The paragraph is rich in clues as to what might constitute this substance: punks are different from louts; punk music pounds and screeches; in punk, band and fans work together; the label ‘punk’, even when applied by someone involved in ‘punk’ (and particularly when that someone’s involvement has been long-held, it often seems), can be an insult.

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