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So in any case, your fish will not really starve while you are away for a few days once you adopt a feeding culture for yourself. However, frequency of feeding is very important and always remember that wrong feeding can be a common problem when inexperienced people are in charge of the feeding. While you are away Apart from someone baby-sitting your fish, there are two major ways you can feed your fish while you are away from home or when you are out of office: Mechanical device feeding: There are devices that are battery-operated, constructed into compartments for storing food for days or even weeks.

Before cleaning up, the first thing to do is to remove the fish from the aquarium with a net and this is easily done when about half of the water has been drained out. If possible, the best condition for the fish is to go into the same portion of water they are coming out from. You might have become very skilful in taking out the fish with your hands or with a substitute for a net but be aware that you may injure the fish without knowing. Yes you can cause an accident to happen, for example causing injuries to their delicate fins!

Typical treatment Detailed treatment methods are beyond the scope of this book but let's mention a few measures that have been well adapted which have resulted into basic treatment of some of the mentioned diseases. The most important step is to always follow the basic prescription if you happen to buy any treatment solution from the aquarium store. Immersion: This is the most common treatment for parasites and bacteria because it exposes the surface of the skin of the fish to the chemical or solution chosen.

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