At the Speed of Light by G. Venkataraman

By G. Venkataraman

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Well, let舗s put that on our calendar for next year,舡 Paul says. 舠Oh my god, it was brutal. 舡 Paul drives out between the stone pillars with more replica gas lamps. They are made of copper, oversize. He could probably get them for $1,200 each, wholesale. Retail, they舗d run about two grand, and the McAdoos have four of them sprinkled on the pillars, all the way down here by the street, like it舗s nothing. 舠And you! 舡 Paul has just remembered that they abandoned Eva舗s fabulous pumpkin cheesecake, the one potential bright spot in this miserable evening, in the McAdoos舗 Sub-Zero.

I think it was check fraud for her, but he has some other things on his record, aggravated assault, battery of another woman, sex with a minor, though to be fair, he was nineteen and it was supposedly his girlfriend. But since then, it舗s been money money money, get the agency to cosign on an apartment, get him a job, which is nearly impossible with his criminal record and Megan舗s law, then when I finally get him one he has a fistfight with the manager, so then it舗s food money and new maternity clothes for her and a nice pair of pants for him for an interview, and on and on.

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