B-GL-371-015. Gun Drill, 105 mm Howitzer, LG1 MK II

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6) On the signal or order “TAKE POST”, the drill described in para 22 is carried out. (7) No 3 lays on the aiming point. (8) Nos 1 and 3 complete the drill for recording the C of A. Passing parallel line. Passing and receiving parallel line from one gun to another is used when a gun cannot see the director or vice versa. The drill involves passing an angle from a gun that has been laid in the C of A to a gun which could not observe or be observed by the director. (1) The GPO will order “NUMBER PASS PARALLEL LINE TO NUMBER ”.

Signals. The table at Figure 2-4 shows the signals used by No 3, their meanings, and the action to be taken by No 4. 32 B-GL-371-015/FP-001 Anti-Tank Drill Ser Order and signal Action by No 4 1 “MOVE IN THE DIRECTION INDICATED” The arm is extended upwards to the right, or the left arm extended upwards to the left, the palm of the hand in the direction required. Hold the post upright, clear of his or her body, and move in the direction indicated; continuing until the “HALT”. 2 “HALT” Arm dropped.

24 During training but before detailing the drill of this and subsequent sections, the instructor will ensure that the detachment members who are to perform the duties of B-GL-371-015/FP-001 Anti-Tank Drill Nos 1 and 3 are familiar with the drill for sight setting and laying as detailed in Chapter 4. b. The GPO is responsible for ensuring that the original bearing to all guns is in the direction ordered. This direction, from which all subsequent bearings are measured, is known as the C of A. c.

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