Babycare Before Birth by Zita West

By Zita West

Bringing jointly attention-grabbing new examine that indicates while pregnant a girl could make a dramatic distinction to her unborn baby's healthiness, health and wellbeing, improvement, and all-round destiny strength by way of making small alterations to her nutrition and way of life, this striking publication explains the right way to provide your child the very best begin in lifestyles.

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At day 15 after conception, nerve cells begin to form the brain and spinal column, and the brain sparks into action. Your blood volume increases to cope with the extra demand for oxygen. KEY WEEK: 5 (3 WEEKS AFTER CONCEPTION) In this critical week of rapid development, the embryo is very sensitive to potential damage. Organ formation begins in earnest, even though the embryo at this point would fit on the head of a nail. The embryo folds in on itself and forms a long tube. ” COUNTING WEEKS IN PREGNANCY You will be pregnant for about 38 weeks (266 days) from the moment of fertilization.

If you are in any doubt at all, talk to your doctor, who will arrange tests if need be. DONOR EGGS AND SPERM If you are unable to have your own child, or you or your partner risk passing on a genetic disorder, you may consider donor eggs or sperm. Despite careful screening, there will inevitably be many stresses and strains accompanying this decision. Couples worry about lots of issues, such as other people finding out; the potential inequality of only one partner being a biological parent; and whether they will feel differently about the baby when it is born.

H E A LT H Y T I P S It takes time in the early days to establish just how much energy your body needs and how to control it. You need carbohydrates for energy so your body starts to crave them. Eating regularly will help. Before we look at the specific requirements of your fetus in the first trimester (see pages 58–9), we need to establish the ground rules for your nutritional health throughout your pregnancy. • Eat little and often to balance your blood-sugar levels. Mix protein with carbohydrate.

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