Barriers by Kathleen Culligan Techler

By Kathleen Culligan Techler

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Penelope sat down close to Drew on the couch and kissed his cheek. “So it’s all better? How about a walk on the beach? ” Her lips formed a pretty pout. Drew stood up, still testing his back muscles. “All right. How about you, Marya? ” “Oh, no. ” The sooner the better. “We can walk that way,” Drew said. ” There seemed to be no way out. ” BARRIERS Kathleen Culligan Techler 65 Puffy white clouds gave some protection from the sun, and a cool breeze from the west seemed more like October than August.

After tying up the boat, they walked the short distance across the island to her condo, and Drew called his uncle. “Uncle Walter has eaten. He said he’d be okay,” Drew reported. ” Marya made a salad and whipped up an omelet, and soon they were seated together at the kitchen table. “How are you feeling? Drew asked in a kind voice. “Fine! ” “A baby can’t fight off a mugger! But really, you should be more careful where you park. ” “Drew, you sound like my boss! ” Marya smiled. ” Drew said soberly.

The slight breeze blew her nightgown against her thighs. Warm darkness hid the vast Gulf of Mexico, but the sound of the waves was not lonely now, but soothing. How she loved living here! Leaving the sliding glass doors open, she went to bed and was soon asleep. Saturday morning Marya ran to the south end of the island and back, a total of two miles, before eating breakfast. She knew that Drew worked every day, so she waited until nine o’clock before walking to Walter’s house. Drew should be gone by then, and Walter should be up and ready.

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