Be A Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success by Scott G. Halford

By Scott G. Halford

Shortcut is the hot catchphrase that identifies high quality, impact and cost in staff and bosses. Be A Shortcut is a enterprise e-book that gives new frameworks and strategies to assist a large variety of people develop into the pros their corporation cannot dwell with no. The booklet indicates you ways to really develop into a Shortcut utilizing Halford's confirmed, Shortcut good fortune formulation. you will achieve extra impact, turn into extra useful, get promoted quicker, locate larger buyers, recuperate increases - it doesn't matter what you do. Shortcut is a fashion of pondering, a manner of doing, a fashion of being - and should you dedicate your self to it, you are going to write your personal price ticket to at any place you must pass.

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It curved through the Narrows. ” When a multibillion-dollar reconstruction of I-25 was carried out in the years between 2000 and 2007, the Narrows was one of the first items on the drawing board. indd 27 10/11/08 12:29:24 PM 28 BE A SHORTUCT straightened and the ramps were redesigned. The result is nothing short of a miracle. Traffic flows and capacity have significantly increased. The highway has gone back to being what it was intended to be in the first place: a rapid way to get from one point to another through the city.

If I need to know, she brings me up to speed and then I get involved; otherwise, I do my thing because she does her thing, so well. Thanks, Marci (I feel like I just did a “Hi Mom” on network TV). indd 14 10/11/08 12:27:12 PM If You’re Not a Shortcut You’re Taking Up Too Much Space 15 Shortcut Lesson You can see it as a bumper sticker: If you’re not a Shortcut to someone, you’re taking up too much space (and will probably be replaced with someone who is a Shortcut). The higher maintenance you become—and the more you develop a bad attitude, need for attention, or anything else that causes people to have to work around you—the less space on the ledge you have.

B. Do the task as well as you can, then clarify with her afterward about her future expectations about these tasks. 25. It’s Friday night. You’re walking out the door of your office to go home for the evening, after a hectic and exhausting week. A coworker with whom you have no business and don’t know well is busy assembling packets in the conference room. Your most likely reaction would be to: a. Offer to help as you’re making your way to the door, knowing that he will likely tell you to go home.

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