Beyond the Roof of the World: Music, Prayer, and Healing in by Benjamin D. Koen

By Benjamin D. Koen

Whereas Western medication has conventionally separated song, technological know-how, and faith into special entities, conventional cultures through the international have consistently considered track as a bridge that connects the actual with the non secular. Now, as humans in even the main technologically complex countries around the globe fight with acquiring reasonable and trustworthy healthcare insurance, a growing number of individuals are turning to those historical cultural practices of ICAM therapeutic (integrative, complementary, and substitute medicine).

With Beyond the Roof of the World, Dr. Benjamin D. Koen finds the Western separation of therapeutic from religious and musical practices as a culturally made up our minds phenomenon, and proves the relevance of scientific ethnomusicology in mild of the globally spreading ICAM therapeutic practices. utilizing the tradition stumbled on in the towering Pamir Mountains of Badakhshan Tajikistan, in a spot poetically often called the Roof of the area, because the paradigm of ICAM therapeutic, Koen exhibits spirituality and musicality to be in detail intertwined with one's actual lifestyles, well-being and therapeutic. For the 1st time, Koen bridges the common hole among ethnomusicology and track treatment. Koen's vast examine and emersion into the Badakhstan tradition presents the reader with an "insider" point of view whereas conserving an "observer's" view, as he infuses the textual content with correct scholarship.

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Over the last decade, multiple ethnographic and biomedical studies have investigated the role of music or prayer in healing (see, for the five factors of music, prayer, health, and healing 27 example, Friedson 1996; Laderman and Roseman 1996; Ai et al. 1998; Koenig 1998; Larson et al. 1998; Sicher et al. 1998; Harris et al. 1999; Hinton 1999; Gouk 2000). However, the relationships between music and prayer in healing have been little explored in both ethnographic and health science research. An interactive and affective relationship between music and prayer almost always exists in traditional healing ceremonies.

Interestingly, a typical experience of advanced meditation is that such distinctions do not exist in one’s consciousness during the meditative state. ” Why Badakhshan? As already mentioned, this book explores certain culture-transcendent principles and processes of musical healing through the culture-specific lens of Badakhshan, Tajikistan, as well as other diverse cultural examples. By definition, culture-transcendent principles can be applied in a diversity of contexts, if not universally, which might seem to negate the importance of cultural context altogether.

As a result, an area like medicine, which has a long-standing interest in music ’s ability to promote health, improve function, or facilitate healing, is at risk of inheriting a very narrow view of what music is, thereby stripping it of its potential power. Such a notion has also limited one stream of music therapy research that closely aligned itself with a “Western” musical model in conjunction with a mechanistic biomedical model. 9 Considering that there are multiple fields and numerous disciplines that have a direct interest in music, health, and healing, and that each discipline brings a unique and valuable perspective to bear, and further considering that there is a need for a greater appreciation and sophisticated understanding of the roles of culture in musical meaning, as well as its healing power in traditional and clinical contexts the world over, medical ethnomusicology is perhaps best viewed as having emerged at the nexus of current developments in the interdiscipline.

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